Account Manager - November 2018

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    Cactus is a small agency doing innovative, bold and imaginative work for a growing list of great clients. We aim to make our work better every day, with every project, and we’re committed to developing thought-provoking ideas and inspirational executions that make our corner of the planet a better place to live, work and play. We’re looking for someone with outstanding talent and tireless passion to help us further our mission and add to our agency mojo.

    The Account Manager works closely with both the client and the agency teams to manage day-to-day operations and develop marketing plans that meet the clients’ objectives. The Account Manager has a deep understanding of their clients’ brand, business, industry and competition and helps to manage the overall strategic direction and agency relationship with the account. The Account Manager also has a deep understanding of the agency’s capabilities and successfully matches and sells the agency’s services to best accomplish the clients’ objectives.

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  • Requirements

    To be considered for the account manager position, candidates will have

    - Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience, preferably in an agency setting
    - Proficient in project planning, brand management and overall marketing theory
    - Crazy organizational skills
    - Experienced problem solver and successful team lead
    - Excellent oral and written communication skills

    At Cactus, we value your personality and character as much as your experience, so you’ll also need to be someone with a collaborative, team-centric spirit, a solution-oriented mindset, and someone who strives to make every project into something extraordinary.

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