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Cactus Takes home two Addys /

Cactus recently won two national 2016 American Advertising Awards (formerly the ADDYs) from the American Advertising Federation. After winning local and then district competitions, we competed against the top agencies in the country. We’re honored to have received two silver national awards for our work with University of Colorado Hospital and the Hook or Crook tequila brand:


The Human Harmonic Project /

University of Colorado Hospital


University of Colorado Hospital, The Human Harmonic Project, in the local consumer integrated advertising campaign category: To celebrate the release of University of Colorado Hospital’s 2014 outcomes, we worked with a team of sound engineers to create a gift for the medical community. We used data gathered from the human body and translated it into musical notes to create a soundscape of the body at work. Then, we pressed the track onto beautiful vinyl and sent them to those who responded to our direct mail. Within two weeks, all 435 records were claimed and a number of old stereos were brought down from attics and dusted off.



Hook or Crook /


Cactus Tequila Design Bottle

Cactus, Hook or Crook, in the packaging campaign category: Cactus partnered with a small batch, hand-crafted blue agave distillery in Colorado to create the Hook or Crook brand. The brand captures a renegade, “whatever-it-takes” Western spirit with a sophisticated finish. The materials, custom typography and handmade packaging reflect the quality of what’s inside.