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    Are you an Instagram pro? Post videos on YouTube weekly? Are you a meme master? Cactus is seeking two passionate and creative individuals for the Multimedia Content Producer Internship. This role is part copywriter, part online trend tracker and part multimedia storyteller. Responsibilities have an emphasis on creative writing and/ or visual storytelling for our clients across a variety of mediums including social, blogs, websites, and more. Bonus points for wit and humor. This role will be paired with another Content Intern to form a team. Know someone you already work well with? Why not partner up and submit together.


    This is a pilot program that will explore new ways of creating compelling brand content in today’s ever changing landscape. Each week of the program will focus on a different Cactus client. On Monday, the content team will be kicked off on the project for the week. They will then have until Friday to concept, develop and produce content to answer the assignment. Each week the team’s content will be presented to the client, and if they approve, will be published on client channels. Content that outperforms expectations will then receive additional paid support. While the content team will have the support of Cactus, they will largely be expected to operate autonomously.

    • Write, edit, and repurpose original client content for mediums including, but not limited to, blogs, long-form narratives, photo captions, social media editorial calendars, email blasts, infographics, video, etc. • Conduct research for content as needed. • Work together as a team with the Multimedia Content Designer Intern


    • Editorial, copywriting, and digital content creation experience • Solid creative writing and communication skills. • Proven visual storytelling abilities – images, video, etc. • Ability to work quickly and independently, but also as part of a team. • Ability to adapt an evolving voice for established brands and effectively write using multiple voices to reach identified audiences, with a deep appreciation for the nuances in brand authenticity and voice. • Intimate understanding of the digital and content marketing landscape. • Comfortable presenting work to and interacting with clients. • Strong desire to learn, try new things, and problem solve. • Passion for do-good, feel-good work. • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, editing and motion software. Any development or interactive, and/or photography skills are a plus.

    Since the program is focused on storytelling, please weave a story about why you believe you would be a good fit for this internship. Make sure to highlight why you want it, what you hope to gain, and what you bring to the table. Your submission can take any form- written, jpegs, GIFs, videos, etc. visit Cactusdenver.com/content-intern to upload your submission. Teams are welcome to submit a single application as long as you are cool with us evaluating you as a team. The program will start in Mid-January 2018 and run for 8 weeks. We anticipate the internship will take about 20 hours / week.
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